Shout out to the people out there on their grind, working night and day, staying in school, or doing whatever it is they have to do to get by and keep their head above water. Shout out to the people that have struggled and felt the burn of defeat but constantly strive to overcome the odds and make something out of their lives. Shout out to the people that were stuck in toxic environments and around toxic people that didn’t promote growth and maturity but yet found the will and motivation to set themselves apart and dared to be different.

Success doesn’t land right in front of you gift wrapped with your name on it, you have to go out and get it. There isn’t some met method of being successful either. Some people go to college, some people skip college and jump right into work, hoping that the experience they will attract employers. Everyone has a different method of achieving what it is they define as success, and you should respect their determination for trying to stay on their shit, in a world where faith in humanity and hope seems to be dwindling much too rapidly.

All this was meant to do is elaborate on my previous post, cause a lot of people sit at home and half ass their way through life, or more often, the developmental years of their lives, and assume that things will just work out in the end. You need to get off your ass and work for what you want. Do whatever it is you have to do right now, so you can afford to do whatever the hell is is you want to later in life. It’s not rocket science, although for some of you that might be your thing.

This isn’t meant to look down on anyone that’s been slacking on their shit, if anything let it serve as a means to motivate you and get you back on track. Everyone has moments of weakness and times where it seems like the odds are too much against you to try, but if you’ve got air in your lungs then fucking go after the life you want to have. 

Hope everyone has a good day; much love to you all. 

Do what you have to so you can afford to do what you want.